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    Name of the WFNS Training Centre:

    Humanitas University and Research Hospital in Neurosurgery
    via Manzoni 56, 20089 , Rozzano (Milano) Italy


    About the Training Center:

    Neurosurgical Centre with more than 2500 surgery per year of any kind and with ICU , Neuroradiology, any advanced devices for Neurosurgery, please see below.


    Program Details:

    • Spinal surgery 
      Approximately 1500 procedures per year

      Available devices : 
      O arm (3)
      Intraoperative CT scan (2)
      Advanced  IOM (Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring) more than 100 procedures /year

      Type of surgery:
      Degenerative spine procedures (cervical including C1C2, dorsal and lumbar) of any kind including complex surgery and complex approaches
      Post traumatic procedure at any level as before
      Spinal (bone) and spinal cord (intra and extra medullary) tumors also with complex surgical approaches
    • Cranial surgery 
      Aproximately 1000 procedures /year

      Available devices : 
      Intraoperative CT scan (2)
      Advanced IOM (Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring), approximately 200 awake surgical procedures per year

      Type of surgery:
      Any kind of open surgery for cranial tumors including Low and High Grade Gliomas, Skull base Tumors, Posterior fossa etc (approximately 500 craniotomies /year)
      Endoscopic  approach to skull base including pituitary region  (approximately 70 procedures /year)
      Traumatic and post traumatic complex cranial reconstruction surgery
      Availability of cadaver lab. And simulation center



    possibility for a short training of 1 month with one specific target (endoscopy, complex spine surgery....) and/or  3 months , longer stay with two targets . One month only for already trained neurosurgeons, 3 months also for training neurosurgeons . As we stated before, accommodation and food will be provided


    List of Faculty:

    Prof. Franco Servadei, Humanitas University
    Dr. Maurizio Fornari , Chief Clinical Services
    Prof. Lorenzo Bello, University of Milano
    Dr. Giovanni Lasio , Responsible Endoscopic Surgery
    Dr. Andrea Cardia, Responsible Vascular Surgery
    Dr. Piero Picozzi, Responsible Gamma Knife
    Dr. Francesco Costa , Expert in Complex Spine Surgery
    Dr. Alessandro Ortolina, Expert in Complex Spine Surgery
    Dr. Federico Pessina , Expert in Brain Tumors
    Prof. Vincenzo D'Angelo, Senior Consultants
    Prof. Giulio Maira, Senior Consultants
    Dr. Tomei , Dr. Milani, Dr. Attuati , Dr. Riva, Dr. Anania,
    Dr. Nicolosi, Dr. Morselli, Dr. Cannizzaro


    Required documentation:

    • A copy of the password or the ID card
    • A copy of the diploma in Medicine or a certificate issued by the Faculty of Medicine.
    • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    • Two letter(s) of recommendation.
    • The fellowship application bearing the date of beginning and a letter of intent.


    Additional document:

    • valid Italian / EC visa for the length of the stay


    How to Apply:

    Qualified applicants are invited to fill out the Online Application Form. Only the online application will be accepted.


    Further information:

    Please contact:
    Rector’s Office
    Maria Lia OLIVA
    E-mail: welcome@hunimed.eu 
    TEL: +39 02 8224 5422


    Please view at ''How to Join Humanitas University''. 

    August 2022