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  • Global Neurosurgical Workforce Map

    The World Neurosurgery Workforce Map is an interactive, ongoing, and open-source project by WFNS to better pinpoint the areas most in need of neurosurgical support. You can get to know how many neurosurgeons are available in your country or any other country, and also the density of Neurosurgeons per 100,000 in any country in the world.

    To get the most of the Interactive Map, follow the instructions written below:

    1.     Mouse over any country to view its various neurosurgical statistics

    2.     Zoom in and out using the + and - buttons in the upper left hand corner OR by using your mouse

    3.     Filter neurosurgical density by using the slider in the bottom right hand corner

    4.     Search for any country by typing it into the “Find Country” bar

    5.     View countries in order of their neurosurgical density ranking on the right hand side of the map

    6.     Refine neurosurgical density by regions (WHO Geographic Areas) by choosing the respective boxes to the left of the map


    Note: We welcome any information that could improve the completeness and accuracy of our database. Please contact us at

    July 2024