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    The World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies Foundation promotes the worldwide development of Neurosurgery, mainly concerning basic neurosurgical issues and focusing on developing countries.

    Millions of people suffer brain and spine related injuries, tumors, and infections worldwide. In developing countries people frequently die or are left with permanent disabilities due to the lack of neurosurgical access. To help meet the world’s neurosurgical needs, the WFNS Foundation was created in 2000 in Geneva, inspired by Professor Madjid Samii and Professor Gerardo Martín Rodríguez, both current WFNS Honorary Presidents, as a branch of the Federation, with its own authorities and Executive & Advisory Board. The WFNS Foundation does not participate in WFNS or Regional Federations political activities. However, it has active participation in all projects or programs meant to reduce inequality in worldwide neurosurgical management, with equity as the essence of our mission.

    The WFNS Foundation is dedicated to:
    • Training and supporting the post-graduate education of young neurosurgeons in developing countries – we offer an international network of Training Centers.
    • Providing travel scholarships to young neurosurgeons to attend educational courses and fellowships.
    • Providing high-quality, low-cost instrument sets and equipment to neurosurgeons in developing countries. Companies in the industry such as Aesculap, Carl Zeiss, Storz have contributed to our purpose.



    July 2024