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    Name of the WFNS Training Centre:

    West China Hospital, Sichuan University, Post-Graduate training center (China)


    About the Training Center:

    The department of neurosurgery in West China Hospital is one of the leading clinicians training centers authorized by The Ministry of Health of China. The department is sub-divided into 8 specialties, including the subdivision of cerebrovascular diseases; skull base surgery; gliomas; neuro-spinal lesions; head trauma; pediatrics neurosurgery; functional neurosurgery and stereotactic radiotherapy. There are 340 beds in the wards for surgery and another 100 beds for the rehabilitation. The department is the largest neurosurgery center in western China, with close to 20,000 out-patient visits, more than 8,700 in-patients, 5,200 cases of craniotomy, 1000 cases of Gamma Knife therapy and almost 2,000 interventional neuro-vascular surgeries every year.


    Program details

    1. We decide to enroll 2-4 peoples for fellowship every year.
    2. Duration of fellowship will be 3-6 months.
    3. The fellowship will supply a free accommodation during the stay and a stipend of USD 600 for meals per month.
    4. Travel to and from the China would be at the candidate’s own expense
    5. The fellows will be allowed to attend OR, conferences, workshops and other educational activities organized by Dept. of Neurosurgery, West China Hospital, SCU in China during the fellowship period.
    6. During their fellowships, the fellows not only have the opportunity to observe but also patient contact under the guide of senior doctors, including assisting in neurosurgical procedures.
    7. The fellows are encouraged to produce at least 1 paper during their stay and will be allowed to attend the Laboratory of Neurosurgery for observation.



    • Ideal candidate is a young neurosurgeon who has recently completed his residency training program or equivalent
    • Basic medical degree from an accredited medical university or medical school
    • Fluent English, English should be used during the training


    Required documentation:

    • A copy of the passport or the ID card
    • A copy of the diploma in Medicine or a certificate issued by the Faculty of Medicine.
    • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    • Two letter(s) of recommendation.
    • A motivation letter


    How to Apply:

    The applicant please fill out the Online Application Form. Only the online application will be accepted.

    August 2022