I am writing today to update you about the four new FIENS Bassett Fellows. They are Dr. Jo Ee Sam, Dr. Samuel Gana, Dr. Joel Fernando Sanabria Duarte, and Dr. Huy Minh Tran. As the 2023 Bassett Fellowship awardees, they will receive funds to cover traveling and living expenses for a threemonth period to be spent observing the activities of a neurosurgical service that has an established relationship with FIENS. It is the intention of FIENS that these scholars will one day act as future sites of service for FIENS. I am excited to share with you a little about each of our new fellows.

Dr. Jo Ee Sam is a Neurosurgeon at the University of Science, Malaysia. He completed his Doctor of Medicine and Master of Science at the University of Science in Malaysia where he specialized in neurosurgery and neuroscience. Dr. Sam will travel from Malaysia to Japan to complete his fellowship under Professor Yoko Kato of Fujita Health University Batane Hospital. The purpose of his fellowship is to increase his skills in bypass surgery, carotid endarterectomy, and complex AVM surgery since his country has a deficit of neurosurgeons who can address these needs. He noted that many patients with complex vascular pathologies are left waiting and suffering and many succumb to these conditions while waiting for treatment. He also hopes to teach future generations of neurosurgeons so that many more can benefit from his educational pathways.

Dr. Samuel Gana will travel from his practicing hospital, Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital in Zaria, Nigeria to the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health where Dr. Baskaya will be his fellowship host. The purpose of his fellowship is to gain an overview of Cerebrovascular and Skull base surgery, a subspecialty of particular interest to him. In the near future, he intends to undertake a full fellowship in this subspecialty, in order to benefit the teeming number of patients in need of this care at home in Nigeria.

Dr. Joel Fernando Sanabria Duarte is currently undertaking a Functional Neurosurgery Fellowship at the Neurological Institute of Curitiba, Brazil. He finished his neurosurgical training last year with the support of a scholarship granted by the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies. Dr. Sanabria Duarate will be hosted by Dr. Suneil Kalia, a doctor that he greatly admires, at the Toronto Western Hospital. He is very interested in the field of functional neurosurgery, especially in research on Parkinson’s Disease.

Thank you for your ongoing support of FIENS.


September 2023