Editors’ Cover Letter

Dear Colleagues –

“Never let a crisis go to waste!”

In addition to the 8 Standing Committees of the WFNS, there are nearly 30 ad hoc Committees. Since we are now one year into the COVID-19 pandemic, it is a good time to learn how the activities of the various ad hoc Committees have adapted to the pandemic.

Most of the ad hoc Committees have submitted reports for the Newsletter. The reports contain descriptions of activities, courses, and conferences the Committees have either organized or participated in. Because of the large number of Committee reports, approximately ½ are published in this Newsletter, with the remaining reports to be published in the April Newsletter.

This issue concludes with a “Message from the President (Dr. Enrique Osorio) of the XVII World Congress of Neurosurgery, Bogotá, Colombia | August 29 - September 3 2021”.

The switch from in-person to on-line events has been challenging for organizers – but also has presented the opportunity for those – particularly in LMICs – who could not afford the time and the cost of attending events in-person. From interactive chat sessions to educational videos to annual congresses, the Committees have adapted rapidly and creatively to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although there are hopeful signs that the pandemic has passed its peak, the combination of variants in the Coronavirus and seasonal changes in infection rates indicates that we all must continue to be prudent but innovative in our actions as both physicians and individuals.

Amro Al-Habib
Russell Andrews
Hira Burhan
Roxanna Garcia
Angelos Kolias
Laura Lippa
Mohammad Raji Mahmud

September 2023