WFNS President’s message: Covid-19 Virus

Milano and Phoenix , 5 March 2020

Dear all Committee Chairs, Dear WFNS Officers

Because of the Coronavirus/ COVID-19 threat, we feel that we should not organize/ support worldwide meetings with the WFNS Logo until at least July 31    At the moment the disease is spreading throughout many areas of the World outside China including Europe, Korea, Iran and many other countries. Already in most of these countries, Universities and Schools are closed and large in person meetings are forbidden. While we are aware that in some other areas of the World the virus may not be yet such  a problem, we must show as a worldwide organization solidarity with our colleagues and not be perceived as potentially supporting the spread of this potential pandemic.  Obviously, the major annual and biannual meetings that have been previously been scheduled for long term will not easily be canceled and will be up to the organizers.  Smaller meetings, educational conferences or symposia though that are presently being organized should be either reconsidered until this medical situation is alleviated or accomplished using web or electronic communication platforms.

Thank you for your cooperation and solidarity with our neurosurgical and healthcare colleagues in the areas particularly affected by this virus spread.

With our best and personal wishes,


Franco Servadei
WFNS President

David Adelson
WFNS Committees Chair

February 2024