Five Awardees of Young Neurosurgeons Award

Five Awardees of 2019 WFNS Young Neurosurgeons Award

Name: Juergen Konczalla
Nationality: Germany
Title of the paper: Prospective trial of MRI DWI-lesions after microsurgical treatment of complex unruptured intracranial aneurysms requiring additional techniques intraoperatively: retractorless surgery and Rapid Ventricular Pacing (RVP) for best outcome
Authors: Juergen Konczalla, MD, PhD1; Marlies Wagner, MD, PhD2; Johannes Platz, MD1; Nina Brawanski, MD1; Sepide Kashefiolasl, MD1; Joachim Berkefeld, MD, PhD2; Elke Hattingen, MD, PhD2; Volker Seifert, MD, PhD1.

Name: Ruth Lau
Nationality: Spain
Title of the paper: Endoscopic Trans-anterior Middle Temporal Approach to the Atrium – An Anatomical Feasibility Study
Authors: Ruth Lau, Roberto Rodriguez Rubio, Martino, José Luis Sanmillán, Arnau Benet, Ali Tayebi Meibodi, Sirin Gandhi, Ioannis Kournoutas, Andreu Gabarrós

Name: Sergio Torres-Bayona
Nationality: COLOMBIA
Title of the paper: Novel biomarker Long non Coding RNA regulates tumorigenesis in Glioma
Authors: Sergio Torres, Aldo Eguiluz, Belén Vega, Vanessa Hernández, Juan Fernández-Miranda, Paul Gardner

Name: Long Wang
Nationality: CHINA (PRC)
Title of the paper: Internal Maxillary Artery Bypass for the Treatment of Complex Middle Cerebral Artery Aneurysms
Authors: Long Wang, Hai Qian, Rokuya Tanikawa, Xiang’en Shi

Name: Yuqin Ye
Nationality: CHINA (PRC)
Title of the paper: Role and mechanism of TLR4 signaling pathway on neurogenesis following traumatic brain injury
Authors: Yuqin Ye, Yongxiang Yang, Chuiguang Kong, Xiaosheng He 

Each Award includes

  • 1,500 USD prize
  • Prize certificate
  • Registration fee for the WFNS Congress 2019 in Beijing, China
  • Accommodation for the WFNS Congress 2019 in Beijing, China

The award will be presented during the opening ceremony of 2019 WFNS Special World Congress (the last Interim Meeting) in Great Wall, China on 9 September 2019 .


In addition, the Young Neurosurgeons Award Committee of WFNS would like to propose the attribution of Honourable Mentions to the following 5 additional papers. WFNS will grant them the certificate during the opening ceremony of 2019 WFNS Special World Congress. 

Name: Chongjie Cheng
Nationality: CHINA (PRC)
Title of the paper: Disabled-1 mediates axonal regeneration in APOE deficient mice after traumatic brain injury
Authors: Zhijian Huang, Zongduo Guo, Fang Cao, Yue Wu, Jianjun Zhong, Jianhua Peng, Yong Jiang, Cheng Yin, Xiaochuan Sun, Li Jiang

Name: Kai Huang
Nationality: CHINA (PRC)
Title of the paper: Genome-wide CRISPR-Cas9 screen identifies NF-?B/E2F6-dependent TMZ chemoresistance in EGFRvIII-expressing GBM
Authors: Kai Huang, Xing Liu , Qixue Wang, Xingen Zhu, Chunsheng Kang

Name: Giorgio Lofrese
Nationality: ITALY
Title of the paper: Functional outcome of elderly patients treated for odontoid fracture. A multicenter study.
Authors: Lofrese G, Iaccarino C, Musio A, De Iure F, Donati R, Cultrera F, Tosatto L, Servadei F, Cavallo MA, Molinari F, Alesi D, Martucci A, Ghadirpour R, De Bonis P

Name: Martin Majovsky
Title of the paper: Olfactory results of endoscopic endonasal surgery for pituitary adenoma: A prospective study of 143 patients
Authors: Majovsky M, Netuka D, Masopust V, Astl J, Skoloudik D, Benes V

Name: Jun Wang
Nationality: CHINA (PRC)
Title of the paper: MRI radiomic features from peritumoral edema predict recurrence of glioblastoma multiforme
Authors: Jun Wang, Yuewei Bi, Chen Yang, Manfeng Wu, Dian He, Shaozhuo Huang, Hao Long, Kaijun Yang, Songtao Qi


Sincerely yours,

Young Neurosurgeons Award Committee of WFNS

October 2023