Women in Neurosurgery Committee of WFNS

WIN-WFNS Report Activities


  1. First step was to join the potential members.
  2. Update of the mailing list of women neurosurgeons around the world.
  3. Contact of organizing committees of meetings and congresses to have the possibility to organize WIN session; by this way we could:
     - Organize the First WIN session during the 7th Maghrebian Congress of Neurosurgery in Nouakchott (March 2018). The session was mainly scientific and a lot of participants join this session in spite that there was another parallel session. The first female neurosurgeon from Mauritania could give a presentation during this session (program and photos are below). During this congress, 3 awards have been given to the best e-poster and one of the awardees was a young female resident from Algeria.
    - Organize the First Win session during the 2nd MANS Congress (Mediterranean Association of Neurological Surgeons) 18-20 June 2018 Naples. (program and photos are below)
    - Organize the 2nd WIN session during a CAANS Congress. It is planned during the 3rd CAANS Congress 23-26 July 2018 in Abuja. (program is below)
    - Organize the First WIN session during the 12th PANS Congress (Panarab Neurosurgical Society) 18-20 October 2018 in Marrakech (program is below) Formalization of WIN section of CAANS is scheduled.
    - A WIN session is planned for the Meeting of WFNS in Belgrad March 2019. The program is in preparation
  4. I will participate to the inauguration of the ACNS scheduled during the WFNS Symposium in Kuala Lumpur August 2018; program of the session is in final process.
  5. I’m invited to the first WIN session of the WIN chapter of the Brazilian Society of Neurosurgery scheduled during the Brazilian Congress of Neurosurgery 5-9 September 2018 (Program is below).
  6. Participation to the online symposium organized by the Asian Medical students and residents society for neurosurgery and ACNS (program of the 2nd online symposium is below). Members of WIN-WFNS such as Isabelle Germano, Gail Rosseau, Nelci Zanon are involved. Neurosurgical TV.
  7. Participation to the WIN breakfast during the meeting of AANS in New Orleans April 2018 where I could discuss with Shelly Timmons about a potential WIN session during the next meeting of AANS in 2019.
  8. We have been contacted by young female neurosurgeons to get help to participate to congresses. At each time we have forwarded the request to different colleagues to find solutions
  9. Project of a newsletter with scientific and social topics.

7th Maghrebian Congress Mauritania

March 2018


2th MANS Congress Naples

June 2018



Program WIN Session 3rd CAANS Congress Abuja

July 2018



Preliminary Program WIN Session 12th PANS Congress Marrakech

October 2018



Program WIN Session Congress of Brazilian Society of Neurosurgery Porto Allegre

September 2018



Program Online Symposium Neurosurgical TV

July 2018



WIN Breakfast Meeting AANS New Orleans 2018


February 2024