EC meetings & e-voting schedules at the WFNS 2023

Dear WFNS EC members,

Please note the following EC meetings are tentatively scheduled during WFNS 2023 at Cape Town.

EC meeting & e-voting schedule PLAN

  • 1st EC: Dec. 4(Mon) 9:00-16:00(12:00-13:00 noon break):

Report of officers of AC, WFNS foundation and others committee chairs. All reports will be posted to the WFNS website before the meeting. Other issues discussion

Report of application of societies, Amendments of Constitution & Bylaws(if any), Presentation of candidates(for the AC officer position with more than 2 candidates)  and congress venue for WFNS 2027. 

  • 1st e-Voting: Dec. 4(Mon) 6pm(Cape Town)=4pm(GMT), 24hours, till Dec. 5 6pm(Cape Town), 4pm(GMT),

1) Membership application

2) Amendments of Constitution & Bylaws

3) Officer Election

4) Congress Venue Election

(After finished, e-voting management team evaluate, voting result and ask for 2nd voting, send code again and add approved new societies) 4hours intervene

  • 2nd round e-voting if any, Dec. 5(Tues) 10pm(Cape Town)=8pm(GMT), till Dec. 6 10pm(Cape Town)=8pm(GMT),

  (Congress, if no city >1/2 of votes)

  • 2nd EC meeting on Dec 7(Thurs) Morning 8am~9am
  • 3rd EC meeting on Dec 7(Thurs) Morning 9:30-10:30am; Other issue

Introduction of new AC members and cabinets.



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