Official Statement: The XVII WFNS World Congress in Bogota, Colombia, 13-18 March 2022

The World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies (WFNS)

Bogotá March 13th to 18th 2022, 17th, XVII WFNS Congress, Official Statement

On February 12th of 2022, the Administrative Council 2019-2021, and the Officers of the 17th WFNS World Congress, according to the amendment bB1 (COVID Transitional Provisions), discuss the current state of the event and the prevailing international health and travel conditions to this date.  

Both groups, in total agreement, due to the current circumstances of pandemic reduction in several regions of the world, and the high rates of vaccination in Colombia and other countries, and because of the important work performed by the organizing committee, succeeding with a high rate of participants registrations and the commitment of the international industry for the commercial support, have considered that the format of the 17th WFNS World Congress will be in person, and, understanding that not all the neurosurgeons from around the globe will be able to attend, the plenary sessions and some sessions of interest will be recorded. Also understanding the high variability on the time zones, and the difficulties generated for this issue for real time transmission, the recorded lectures will be available for on demand access.

The actual scientific program and the social activities are well established, with a high support from the logistic operator, and due to this we encourage all the affiliated entities of the WFNS, and their members, to attend the event, knowing that all the requirements for accomplishing local health safety measures, according to international recommendations during the pandemic, are already in place in Bogota and in the event venue.

Enrique Osorio
President of the XVII WFNS World Congress

Franco Servadei
2019-2021 President of the WFNS

February 2024