Announcement: Five Awardees of 2022 WFNS Young Neurosurgeons Award


Name: Ashutosh Kumar
Nationality: India
Title of the paper: Quantitative Assessment of Brainstem Distortion in Vestibular Schwannoma and Its Implication in Occurrence of Hydrocephalus.
Authors: Ashutosh Kumar1, MCh, Sanjay Behari1, MCh, Jayesh Sardhara1, MCh, Prabhaker Mishra2, PhD, Vivek Singh3, DMRD, Vandan Raiyani1, MS, Kamlesh Singh Bhaisora1, MCh, Arun Kumar Srivastava1, MCh.


Name: Hani Marcus
Nationality: United Kingdom
Title of the paper: Automated operative workflow analysis of endoscopic pituitary surgery using machine learning
Authors: Hani J Marcus, Danyal Z Khan, Imanol Luengo, Santiago Barbarisi, Lucy Culshaw, Neil L Dorward, Abhiney Jain, Karen Kerr, Chan Hee Koh, Hugo Layard Horsfall, William Muirhead, Paolo Palmisciano, Baptiste Vasey, Danail Stoyanov


Name: Ken Matsushima
Nationality: Japan
Title of the paper: Brainstem cavernoma surgery around the pontomedullary junction through the perifacial zone: Novel safe entry zone and variations of intraoperative anatomy in 39 among 245 consecutive patients
Authors: Ken Matsushima, Souvik Kar, Michihiro Kohno, and Helmut Bertalanffy


Name: Sergio Andrés Torres Bayona
Nationality: Colombia
Title of the paper: Novel Anatomical Feasibility Investigation of the Intradural exposure through an Endoscopic Lateral Orbitotomy: pushing the boundaries
Authors: Sergio Torres-Bayona S, M.D, Ph.D., Aldo Eguiluz-Melendez, M.D., Vanessa Hernández-Hernández, M.D., Belen Vega, M.D., Edwin Páez, M.D., Miguel Angel Arraez, M.D, Ph.D., Eric Wang, M.D., Carl Snyderman, M.D., and Paul Gardner, M.D


Name: Jiun-Lin Yan
Nationality: Taiwan
Title of the paper: A Robust, Fully Automatic Detection Method and Calculation Technique of Midline Shift in Intracranial Hemorrhage and its Clinical Application
Authors: Jiun-Lin Yan, Yao-Lian Chen, Li Ko, Jiung-Xian Chang, Ching-Chung Kao, Meng-Chi Hsieh, Kuan-Chieh Huang, Pin-Yuan Chen


Each Award includes

  • 1,500 USD prize
  • Prize certificate
  • Registration fee for the WFNS World Congress 2022 in Bogota, Colombia
  • Accommodation for the WFNS World Congress 2022 in Bogota, Colombia


The award will be presented during the opening ceremony of WFNS World Congress 2022 in Bogota, Colombia on 14 March 2022.


Sincerely yours,

Young Neurosurgeons Award Committee of WFNS

April 2024