16 September 2021



Dear friends, it is an absolute honor and a great pleasure to assume the presidency of the WFNS. The 2yr term of the WFNS Presidency means there is no time for learning on the job. I bring with me strong leadership experience, an understanding of all aspects of neurosurgery and executive talents in strategy, operations, administration and financial management. Since I attended my first WFNS in Amsterdam 1997, I have been heavily involved with the WFNS. The qualities I deliver are vision, integrity, action, commitment, competency, diplomacy, sincere friendship and humility. Most, if not all of you in the AC and EC know me personally, and some of us have worked together for over 20years.
I have developed wide networks across neurosurgery; these will be valuable in leading the WFNS. I have gained diverse administrative and executive experience in various professional organizations such as the AANS, CNS, Society of Neurological Surgeons, SUN, ACS, American Academy, RRC, American Board of NS. I am a surgeon, educator, scholar, scientist, administrator and a loyal friend. I have thought carefully about our vision, goals, and objectives, but I don't know everything, and I ask for everyone’s ideas; but here are some things I have considered. We need more resources; we must grow the WFNS Endowment by philanthropy and industry relationships. We can enhance and monetize the WFNS brand. We should boost our educational initiatives with technology which will reduce costs and extend our reach. We can do better with operational efficiency, transparency, and unnecessary ceremony. We need to broaden volunteerism and participation from all societies. In developing countries, we must promote public-private partnerships to deploy equipment and devices and we need to support scholarship in developing countries. We should enhance trade between the developed and LMIC by leveraging populations, sharing data, and manpower. We can strengthen ties between the WFNS and WHO particularly the Emergency and Essential Surgery initiative. We must continue to develop Africa 100.
Let me briefly provide some insights into my background. I was born in West Africa, Lagos, Nigeria and attended a primary school established by the European expats. I attended a boarding school in Lagos Nigeria and I graduated from the University of Ibadan, the premier medical school in Nigeria. I did my internship at General Hospital, Lagos, Nigeria and then a year of national service in Nigeria. I received a Commonwealth Scholarship to the University of London, UK and then I emigrated to the US for training, I did my Neurosurgical training and PhD neuroscience at Emory University, Atlanta, GA where I spent most of my career until my recent move to chair the Dept of Neurosurgery at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, NC.
I am an active neurosurgeon focussing on pituitary surgery. I am recognized as one of the world’s experts. I am also a scientist. I have over 17 years of experience as neurosurgical program director educating and mentoring residents, fellows, and students. As Editor-in-Chief of NEUROSURGERY for 12yrs I have shaped the science of neurosurgery worldwide. I have been visiting professor all over the world.
I am a global citizen. I am equally at home in Boston or Bangalore; Dubai or Dakar; Kinshasa or Kathmandu; Shanghai or Sydney; Vienna or Vancouver. I can talk with the Americans; I can work with the Portuguese. I have cheered with the Argentinians, I can smile with the British, I can drink with the Russians, I can mix with the Arabs, I have dined with the Italians, I have combined with the Chinese, I have celebrated with the French, I can play with the Australians, I can blend with the Africans, after all they are my brothers. I am a true global citizen. We must collaborate – We will foster mutual respect - join hands - we all want the same things. I need your support to lead the WFNS, I look forward to working with everyone as we move the WFNS forward and advance the mission of global neurosurgery.


Nelson M Oyesiku, MD, PhD, FACS
Chapel Hill, NC, USA
President , WFNS 2021-2023



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