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    Five Awardees of 2017 WFNS Young Neurosurgeons Awards


    Name: Dr. Josue Avecillas Chasin

    Nationality: Ecuador

    Title of the paper: Stimulation of the tractography defined motor subthalamic nucleus correlates with clinical outcomes

    Authors: Josue Avecillas Chasin, Juan A Barcia, Fernando Alonso, Cristina Nombela



    Name: Dr. Ahmad FARIED

    Nationality: Indonesia

    Title of the paper: Hypoxic Preconditioning Induced Angiogenesis Through HIF-1? Accumulation and VEGF expression in Permanent Middle Cerebral Artery Occlusion Rat Model

    Authors: Ahmad FARIED, MD., PhD; Kaiei KAGOSHIMA, MD., PhD; Muhammad Z. ARIFIN, MD., PhD; Hideaki IMAI, MD., PhD; Nobuhito SAITO, MD., PhD



    Name: Dr. Ibrahim Jalloh

    Nationality: United Kingdom

    Title of the paper: Can lactate fuel the human brain? A comparison of oxidative lactate metabolism in normal and traumatically injured brain.

    Authors: Ibrahim Jalloh, Adel Helmy, Duncan J Howe, Richard J Shannon, Peter Grice, Andrew Mason, Clare N Gallagher, Michael P Murphy, John D Pickard, David K Menon, T Adrian Carpenter, Peter J Hutchinson and Keri LH Carpenter



    Name: Xin Mei

    Nationality: China (PRC)

    Title of the paper: Glioblastoma stem cell differentiation into endothelial cells evidenced through live cell imaging

    Authors: Xin Mei, Yin-Sheng Chen, Fu-Rong Chen, Shao-Yan Xi, Zhong-Ping Chen



    Name: Alexander Perdomo-Pantoja

    Nationality: Mexico

    Title of the paper: Serum rs5050 AGT Polymorphism is related to Poor Prognosis in Astrocytoma: Potential Biomarker in Blood

    Authors: Alexander Perdomo-Pantoja, MD; Sonia Iliana Mejía-Pérez, MD, MSc; Juan Luis Gómez-Amador, MD; Talia Wegman-Ostrosky, MD, PhD.


    The awardees please send your CVs in one A4 page and photos to Mr. Cüneyt Gülay (, Naci Armağan ( and Ms. Ling (


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