WFNS Foundation Gazette - January, 2021

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WFNS Foundation Gazette


January , 2021




The WFNS Foundation was created with the mission to improve neurosurgical care and education with an obvious emphasis in developing countries. The visionary accomplishment of the previous WFNS Foundation leaders (Professors Martin Rodriguez, Samii and Basso among others) have been contributing to help thousands of patients and neurosurgeons in areas in need. One of the main WFNS Foundation goals is education.

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WFNS Foundation Chairman


Hydrocephalus project - Prof. Di Rocco & Choux

A significantly large hydrocephalic population does not have access to any neurosurgical facility. Neurosurgeons belonging to the Wfns should provide education of the local medical staff on a voluntary base. The adequate treatment of hydrocephalus can be implemented even in a still developing country.

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Basso Beijing


Ben Okanga, moving forward to develop Neurosurgery in Mombassa (Kenya) with firm step

After finishing his training program in Neurosurgery under COSECSA project in Nairobi (Head, Dr. M. Qureshi) supported by WFNS Foundation, Dr. Ben Okanga started his pioneer activity in Neurosurgery at the Mombasa Coastal Hospital.

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Yasser Saber Khalaf, strenght in the face of destiny

More than 30 WFNS Foundation Neurosurgical Training centers around the world are proud to offer young neurosurgeons from all around the world fellowship periods. Centers commit to providing food & accommodation and/or scholarship (visit We would like to share the experience (life & neurosurgical career) of these young colleagues.

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Armin Weisser.

Aesculap A.G.

WFNS Foundation especially recognizes and acknowledges the generous effort of the medical industry to contribute to our goals. Among them, we’d like to enhance Aesculap. Aesculap help has been crucial supporting training centers and also in the provision of instruments and neurosurgical sets to areas in need.

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Yoko Kato

Yoko Kato is one of the pioneer women neurosurgeons in Japan, and the first to be named Full Professor. She has served the WFNS tirelessly as Chair of the Education Committee, circling the globe many times each year at her own expense to organize and teach courses to young neurosurgeons in the developing world. She introduced “hands on” and “live video” courses to many regions. Through the WFNS Foundation, she has donated multiple microscopes and instrument sets to neurosurgeons practicing in low and middle income countries (LMICs).

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Franco Servadei

Prof. Franco Servadei is the current President of the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies, the largest neurosurgical organization in the globe. Many are the aspect that WFNS deals with, from committees covering all professional topics to socio-economics and of course WFNS Foundation affairs. Prof. Servadei is leading WFNS since 2017 and gives his opinion about WFNS Foundation role and the current situation of COVID-19 pandemic.

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Armando Basso, pioneer of Neurosurgery

This Argentinian-Italian neurosurgeon has probably the largest number of recognitions in the neurosurgical world, going from academic titles to the badge with the five-armed Maltese asterisk hung on the oak and laurel wreath of the French Legion of Honor. Speaking five languages, Prof. Basso masters in skull base, pituitary adenomas and orbital tumors like almost anybody else. After serving in leading position WFNS Foundation for many years, his contribution to global neurosurgery is legendary.

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Basso Beijing


The Department of Neurosurgery of the University of Tübingen
Marcos Tatagiba.

Among the more than 30 Postgraduate Training Centers, we would like to enhance this issue of the WFNS Foundation Gazette with the Unit of Neurosurgery of the University of Tübingen. This department is one of the largest and best equipped in Europe, directed by Prof. Marcos tatagiba, a worldwide renowned neurosurgeon. B-Braun Aesculap is supporting the program for fellowship. Young neurosurgeons are invited to apply (visit our network of centers through and see the possibilities to spend a fellowship period with food and accommodation provided by the centers).


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"Kid sleeping placidly”. The baby seems to be very grateful to M. Choux and C. Di Rocco, who did the VP shunt insertion in one of their Hydrocephalus missions.




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