Hannover International Neurosurgery Congress 2017 (HINC 2017)

Dear WFNS members,

We would like to inform you that the Hannover International Neurosurgery Congress 2017 (HINC 2017) is held on 17-19 June 2017. HINC 2017 is a scientific tribute and global celebration of a special 80/40 anniversary of Prof. Madjid Samii, former President (1997-2001) of the WFNS. On June 19th of this year he will have his 80th birthday, which coincides with his 40 years’ anniversary of active neurosurgery and personal life in Hannover.

His life has been devoted to education & training for developing countries. In this spirit there will be a free open access livestream of more than 170 lectures from world leading neurosurgeons from all continents from more than 50 countries. Any neurosurgeon in the world who would like to use this free educational tool may watch the lectures live by simply registering via the website.

The event detail is as below:

Hannover International Neurosurgery Congress 2017 (HINC 2017)

From Basics & Classics to Global & Innovative Solutions 

17-19 June 2017

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