Donation from Dr. Chwan-Hong Lee

Chwan-Hong Lee, PhD
President, Wego Foundation
9F, 271, Section 2, Shin-Yi Road,
Taipei, Taiwan
Tel: (+886)-2-2397-9311

WFNS acknowledges with appreciation that Dr. Chwan-Hong Lee of Taiwan, the President of Wego Foundation has promised to donate USD500,000 to the WFNS Foundation during 2015-2019.

This donation is assigned to help African neurosurgeons. WFNS has received the first donation USD100,000 on 1st September 2015. USD 54,000 was used on 6 December 2016 to sponsor 10 African trainees in the Africa 100 Project, under the auspice of Professor Madjid Samii. The duration of the sponsorship for each trainee is 5 years (2017-2021). Another USD 8,525 was used on 30 January 2017 to purchase the Aesculap Bipolar Coagulation Set and High-Speed Drill Set for helping Dr. Ibrahim Dao in Burkina Faso. Dr. Dao has finished 5-year training in the ‘’WFNS Rabat Reference Center for Training Young African Neurosurgeons’’ in Morocco.

We appreciate his generosity, contribution, and enthusiastic support for the African young neurosurgeons and the WFNS Foundation activities.


February 2024