Announcement: Nomination-WFNS Slate of officers 2021-2023

Updated on 5 February 2021

To:  All WFNS Member Societies
       All WFNS officers

Dear Colleague,

Please be reminded that  28 February 2021 is the deadline for sending in proposals (WFNS slate of officers 2021-2023)  to the Secretary of WFNS, Dr. Akio Morita: with a copy to the Central Office, Miss Ling at:

The positions are following:

- President Elect 2021-2023 (will serve as President 2023-2025)
- First Vice-President (not eligible for re-election)
- Secretary
- Assistant-Secretary
- Treasurer
- Assistant-Treasurer
- Second Vice-Presidents (5): (not eligible for re-election)

  • AANS
  • EANS

- Historian
- Honorary Presidents

Standing Committee members needing election:
- Nominating Committee members (10 members - one of which will be the outgoing Chair who will remain as a member of the Committee)
- Constitution and Bylaws (5 members)
Audit (3 members)
Publications and Web Committee (2 members)


Every candidate being considered for the position of Officer of WFNS
(President Elect, 1st Vice-President, Secretary, Assistant-Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant-Treasurer, 2nd Vice Presidents), except for Honorary Presidents and Historian, shall fulfil, additionally, the following conditions in order to be vetted by the Nominating Committee:

  • Provide letters of support from at least 5 member societies from 2 continents.
  • Provide letters of support from 2 neurosurgical peers from his/her country, confirming good local and national standing.
  • Provide letters of support from the Head of the Neurosurgical Department where the candidate has an appointment and/or the Chief of the Hospital where the candidate practices, confirming that the candidate is currently clinically active in the practice of Neurosurgery.
  • Provide a complete Curriculum Vitae.
  • Provide a self-declaration document indicating that he/she has not been convicted of any serious illegal activities or engaged in unethical behavior.

With respect to candidates for:
Nominating committee, C&B, Audit, publication and Web 

All that is needed is 1 nomination from the candidate's Society (as long as it is a WFNS Member Society in good standing) or from a WFNS officer. This is based on Bylaws Article VI, Section 6B.

Please note: The nominations should come from the President/Secretary of WFNS member societies. The nominations from individual neurosurgeons not representing their societies will not be considered. WFNS Officers may also submit the nominations.   


Sincerely yours,
Akio Morita
Secretary, WFNS (2019-2021)

Miroslav Vukic
Assistant Secretary, WFNS (2019-2021)


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