Neuroanatomy Committee Report

Neuroanatomy Committee Report

Iman N. Kanaan & Vladimir Benes, Co-Chairs

The WFNS Neuroanatomy webinar is a creative strategy to promote an online dynamic educational course for young neurosurgeons and trainees worldwide. The purpose of this initiative is to overcome the negative impact caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and to incorporate the emerging 21st century method of digital education. The design of the Neuroanatomy webinar is to foster our mandate in bridging the gap between neuroanatomy science and clinical neurosurgical practice, promote sound clinical judgment, enhance neurosurgical skills and encourages young neurosurgeons to rise to their challenges and respond to their enquiries.

The webinar is conducted along the ZOOM-link, life YouTube, and Neurosurgery-TV. The two days monthly webinar (12:00pm-16:00pm GMT) is dedicated to regional and functional neuroanatomy sessions in association with special selected neurosurgical topics/interventions presented by experts in their field and supported with case presentations. The attendance and the feedback has been impressive and inspiring from the time of the first webinar inception in May 2020. A certificate of attendance is issued to all registrants who filled the course evaluation form.

More recently, the committee has launched a special session in recognition of lifetime achievements of great masters/mentors in neurosurgery. It is dedicated to enhancing in depth knowledge and promoting exchange of experience with international young neurosurgeons and trainees. Day 2 of the webinar includes several presentations focused on: my best dissection session, my most challenging, worst case scenario, and how I can do it differently.

The committee has proudly established the WFNS Neuroanatomy Committee video-library (online free access) with more than 1.76 k subscribers.

The WFNS Neuroanatomy Committee continues to support worldwide societies, conferences and special onsite workshops. It has established a strong liaison with other WFNS committees in achieving their prospective mandates.

Overall, feedback table:
-The number of responders exceeds 500 in average for each webinar.
-The number of online viewers within 24 hours surpasses 1.3 k per webinar.
-The total number of presentations mounted up to 130 presentations since inception.
-The overall feedback is excellent in 98% (rated 4-5/5).
-The overall score is higher than any single lecture (message: team is stronger than individuals).
-The webinar meets objectives and expectations in more than 98%.
-This webinar is in great demand with a long wish list from the attendees.
-Invited key speakers adds special dimension and recruits larger audience
-The committee continues its collaboration with other WFNS committees to promote education.
-This webinar will continue in parallel to the committee onsite live courses in the future.

December 2023