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    The WFNS Foundation works with medical equipment sponsors to provide high quality, low-cost neurosurgical equipment to neurosurgeons in economically challenged countries who are devoted to neurosurgery and their patients. Together, the WFNS Foundation and its medical sponsors aim to help neurosurgeons improve the standards of neurosurgical procedures in hospitals of developing countries. Below you can browse our current medical equipment sponsors, and the neurosurgical equipment we have available.

    Aesculap, a division of German medical and pharmaceutical device company B. Braun Melsungen AG, focuses on products for core processes in surgery. In collaboration with the WFNS Foundation, Aesculap offers WFNS Basic Sets of Neurosurgical Instruments that include instruments necessary for cranial and spinal neurosurgery. Click here to see the brochure of the Basic Sets of Neurosurgical Instruments.
    Karl Storz
    German medical device company Karl Storz manufactures and distributes endoscopes, medical instruments, and devices.  In collaboration with the WFNS Foundation, Karl Storz offers a range of endoscopic equipment for intracranial procedures, for creating access, and for skull base surgery.
    Click here to see the brochure of the Endoscopy Equipment.
    Carl Zeiss
    German manufacturer of optical systems, Carl Zeiss produces surgical microscopes for neurosurgeons. In collaboration with the WFNS Foundation, Carl Zeiss offers a special configuration of the OPMI pico surgical microscope for neurosurgeons. Click here to see the brochure of the OPMI pico surgical microscope.
    December 2023