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Full Member

If a neurosurgical society has twenty (20) or more neurosurgeons, it can apply for full membership. Full membership status entitles a Society to full voting rights in the WFNS Executive Committee meetings during the Interim Meetings and Congresses (each Society carries 2 votes) and membership dues would need to be paid to the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies (WFNS). A Full Member has access to advertise their event on the WFNS website and to share their news with other WFNS members in the official WFNS Newsletter.


If a neurosurgical society has less than twenty (20) but more than five (5) neurosurgeons, it can apply for affiliate membership. An Affiliate Member of the WFNS is a non-paying member who is non-voting, but delegates of the Society would be allowed to attend Executive Committee Meetings during the Interim Meetings and Congresses, in the capacity of Observers.

Applications for membership shall be submitted to WFNS at least six months before the Executive Committee meeting, at which time the application will be considered. When accepted for full membership in the WFNS by the Executive Committee, the new society will pay membership dues for all its members independently of whether or not any of its members already belongs to other Federation member society paying membership dues on his/her behalf.




June 2024