Dear Colleagues

Dear Colleagues –

The first item is from Kenan Arnautovic, WFNS Committee Coordinator. He reports the recent activities of the WFNS Ad-Hoc Committees. The number of courses and conferences is impressive.

The second item addresses a topic of increasing importance for neurosurgeons as neurosurgery advances technologically – electronic waste. Oladele Ogunseitan is University of California Presidential Chair and Co-Director of the World Institute for Sustainable Development of Materials (WISDOM).

Following are reports of recent conferences:

  • April 4 to 8: International Conference on Recent Advances in Neurotraumatology (ICRAN), Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
  • April 21 to 24: AANS Annual Scientific Meeting, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Announcements regarding upcoming conferences include:

  • July 13 to 16: 27th Scientific Meeting of the Indonesian Neurosurgical Society (INS), Lombok, Indonesia
  • July 29 to August 1: 2nd World Congress of Young Neurosurgeons (ACNS-YNS), Surabaya, Indonesia
  • September 7 to 9: Ukrainian Association of Neurosurgeons Cerebrovascular Neurosurgery Conference, Lviv, Ukraine
  • September 12 to 15: Society of British Neurological Surgeons (SBNS) Congress, London, UK
  • September 15 to 17: Central Asian Neurosurgeons Seminar: Tashkent, Uzbekistan
  • September 24 to 28: EANS 2023 Congress, Barcelona, Spain
  • October 30 to November 3: 9th Serbian Neurosurgical Society Meeting and Centennial Anniversary of Serbian Neurosurgery, Belgrade, Serbia
  • December 4 to 8: 18th WFNS World Congress of Neurosurgery, Cape Town, South Africa.

Our neurosurgical colleagues in countries from Ukraine and Myanmar to Sudan and Syria are working under conflict circumstances. Let us assist them not only with the neurosurgical resources they need but also by supporting government officials and international organizations who can bring about lasting conflict resolution.
From folate to peace, prevention is the most efficient neurosurgical technique.

Amro AL-Habib
Russell Andrews
Hira Burhan
Roxanna Garcia
Angelos Kolias
Laura Lippa
Mohammad Raji Mahmud

July 2024