2027 WFNS World Congress

We are pleased to announce that the 20th WFNS World Congress will be held in the picturesque island of Bali, Indonesia. Following the decision made by the Executive Council during the 2023 WFNS World Congress in Cape Town, South Africa, the Indonesian Neurosurgical Society has been selected to organize this esteemed event.

The President of the 20th WFNS World Congress of Neurosurgery extends a cordial welcome to all esteemed attendees. They express sincere gratitude for the confidence placed in our organization to oversee this global assembly of neurosurgery leaders and experts.

Our collective vision for the 2027 WFNS World Congress is one of dynamic collaboration and innovation, fostering the exchange of ideas and knowledge among participants. Against the backdrop of Bali's stunning natural scenery and rich cultural heritage, we anticipate an extraordinary event that will inspire and engage attendees.

Together, let us create an environment where meaningful connections are formed and significant advancements in neurosurgery are discussed. We look forward to welcoming you to the 20th WFNS Congress in Bali for an enriching and memorable experience.

Welcome Message from President of WFNS World Congress 2027 & President of INS

April 2024