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    Name of the WFNS Training Centre:

    Northwest General Hospital & Research Centre (NWGH & RC)

    Short-term Fellowship in Neurotrauma

    About the Training Center:

    NWGH & RC is a > 300 bedded private tertiary care hospital with 35 different specialties with both in-patient and outpatient services. The hospital is equipped with state of the art medical, surgical and diagnostic equipment. Neurosurgery department at NWGH & RC is a centre of excellence with a total of 26 bedded intensive care unit which are staffed with three consultant intensivists. We receive all kind of neurosurgical cases with an average of 300 neurotrauma related surgical cases and more than 1000 elective cases every year. The department is comprised of 4 full time working consultants and three post-graduate residents. We also have close liaison with our neuro-radiology department, radiation oncology department and neuro-pathology departments. The department is affiliated with Global Health Research Group in Neurotrauma (GHRGH) of the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR). We have been involved with active collaboration in various international neurotrauma related clinical trials, such as RESCUE-ASDH, SYNAPSE-ICU and GNOS studies.

    There is an additional 200 no profit Hospital ( Northwest Teaching Hospital Two ) and both are affiliated to a Medical School (Northwest School of Medicine )

    Program Details:

    The WFNS neurotrauma fellowship will be a short-term (i.e., 3 to 6 months) training fellowship which will be centred on advanced neurotrauma management for two young neurosurgeons at any given time. The institute will provide free, shared accommodation with food vouchers as well as a monthly stipend of Pak Rs 10000 /-


    The fellow will be involved in all kinds of inpatient work at the Department of Neurosurgery such as daily ward rounds and academic schedule as weekly journal club, mortality and morbidity meeting and research activities. He will help in managing their complications and in Rehabilitation of these patients. The fellow also will do regular on calls with other residents.

    The fellow will be involved in the management of TBI patients upon arrival in the ER including initial assessment and resuscitation. The fellow will also be part of attending the emergency and elective operation theatres (3-days/week) where they will be allowed to supervised surgical cases. The fellow will also be involved in intensive care management of TBI patients, which will include all kind of intensive care monitoring and neuro-monitoring such as intracranial pressure monitoring.


    Required documentation: 

    • A copy of the passport or ID card
    • A copy of the diploma of Basic Medical Qualification.
    • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    • The letter(s) of recommendation from at least two consultant neurosurgeons.
    • A motivation letter by the candidate.

    How to Apply:

    Please fill the Online Application Form. We accept only online application. Kindly fill the Online Application Form after you have the above documents scanned and attested copies ready. At the end of satisfactorily completing the rotation, Certificates will be issued by the training centre and WFNS.


    August 2022