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    Name of the WFNS Training Centre:

    Brain Behaviour Cluster, School of Medical Sciences/ Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia

    About the Training Center:

    Universiti Sains Malaysia Hospital is a tertiary and teaching Hospital housing 1000 beds. This Hospital has all major medical and surgical specialties and cooperates with the Center for Neuroscience Services and Research(P3Neuro) as well as the School of Medical Sciences USM. The main catchment area encompasses 3.5 states with an estimated population of about 4,750,770 persons. This hospital also receives patients with specialized care requirements for all over the country.

    P3Neuro and the clinical Department of Neurosciences has a workload of approximately 2500 inpatients per year and 7000 outpatients per year with a wide spectrum of neurosurgical illnesses. The establishment of the Centre for Neuroscience Services and Research (P3Neuro) was mooted by the previous Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia (now known as The Ministry of Education since 2013). It was established by the Minister’s and Ministry’s decree on the 16th December 2011 and exists legally from the 1st April 2013 under the Vice Chancellor’s preview. Our center offers services in general neurosurgery as well as neurooncology, vascular neurosurgery, functional neurosurgery and pediatric neurosurgery.

    Elective Surgery is conducted three times a week while emergency OT are available every day. Patients are nursed in a 12 bedded Intensive Care and High Dependency Unit setting. Diagnostic Services include 128 slice CT Scans, 3 Tesla MRI, Magnetoencephalography, Angiography Suite, Functional MRI and   Electrophysiological Studies are available. We are also equipped with a Brainlab LINAC based Radiosurgery system as well as a Zeiss Photon Beam Intraoperative Radiotherapy system within an Interventional Radiotherapy operative suite. Image Guided Systems are used for surgery and rehabilitation. Our center conducts the National Training Centre for Neurosurgery and has 5 Residents on rotation at any given time (total 20 residents from PGY1 to PGY 4).


    Program Details:

    The Brain Behaviour Cluster, Universiti Sains Malaysia is pleased to announce two fellowships per annum for young neurosurgeons from underprivileged developing countries. The duration of the clinical fellowship will be for 6 months. The successful fellow will be paid a monthly stipend of RM 1200 which will be sufficient to cover meal expenses. (This amount may vary based on current university policies and economic conditions during the time of attachment). Accommodation will be provided in the Universiti’s International Students Hostel or a room determined by the Center. Travelling expenses are not covered. Successful candidates (who are Malaysian Medical Council registrable) will be allowed to assist all surgeries and perform selected surgeries under supervision and also to take part in the resident’s on-call roster. The fellow will also be expected to be involved in the management and care of patients under supervision. Fellows will attend surgeries, outpatient clinics, departmental meetings and regular educational activities.  Active participation in on-going research activities is strongly encouraged. Those who are not able to bet registrable under the Malaysian Medical Council will only be allowed to be observers.



    • The Ideal candidate is a young neurosurgeon or resident who is in his final year of residency training or equivalent from a developing country.
    • A cover Letter and detailed CV in English
    • Two letters of recommendation in English
    • The successful fellow will be given clinical and operative privileges and as such will need to fulfill the requirements for temporary medical registration with the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC). The candidate is responsible to fulfill and process the registration with the MMC and pay the appropriate fees and medical indemnity/insurance with the Medical Defence Malaysia or equivalent.


    The Malaysian Medical Council requirements are:

    • basic medical degree from an accredited university
    • passed the relevant national licensing examination in the country of conferment of basic degree (where applicable);
    • fulfil English Language requirements of MMC if the medium of instruction for the basic medical qualification is not in English;
    • have a minimum of 3 years of working experience as a medical officer (or equivalent);
    • been registered as a medical practitioner in the country where he is currently practising;
    • been certified to be of good standing by the Medical Council or the relevant national authority.

    Candidates who do not fulfill all the requirements of the Malaysian Medical Council may also apply to be fellows but they will be only be accorded observer status in the various clinical and surgical activities in our Institution. All candidates will need to be involved in publication of scientific data while doing their Fellowship.


    How to Apply:

    The applicant please fill out the Online Application Form. Only the online application will be accepted. At the end of satisfactorily completing the rotation, Certificates are issued by the training Center and WFNS.


    August 2022