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    Name of the WFNS Training Centre:

    Neurological Institute of Curitiba (INC)


    About the Training Center:

    Curitiba is a modern city of two million inhabitants with a referral population area of over three million persons. The Neurological Institute of Curitiba is a reference center in South America for neurosurgery. Our 10 staff members (plus residents) cover all neurosurgical fields with special focus on skull base surgery, brain tumors, endoscopy, spine surgery and vascular pathologies. All faculty members work full time at the Institute and around 1,000 elective surgeries are performed yearly.


    Program Details:

    The WFNS trainee will participate of our Medical Residency Program (5 years) and will receive a salary as all Brazilian Residents. The salary is about 3,000 Brazilian Reais and all meals are free at the Institute. This salary is sponsored by our Institute and permits the resident to rent a flat and cover all expenses.

    He or she will be allowed by the Brazilian Law (Regional Medical Council) to practice medicine only at our Institute, under my responsibility. In spite of being a formal residency neurosurgical program with 5 years duration, the certification we are allowed to provide is a "Post-graduate Course Certificate" with a "surgical log-book". With these documentation plus the WFNS Certificate, he will apply for the board examination of his country to obtain the "Specialist Diploma". To obtain the "Brazilian Specialist Diploma" a revalidation of the Medical Diploma is needed and it is not easy to obtain. Usually our residents are quoted among the best by the board examination of the "Sociedade Brasileira de Neurocirurgia".


    Neurosurgical Team:

    • Prof. Dr. Ricardo RaminaMD, PhD – Chairman, Director WFNS Foundation Training Program
    • Prof. Dr. Murilo S. MenesesMD, PhD – Director Endovascular and Functional Neurosurgery Division
    • Dr. Jeronimo B. Milano, MD PhD – Director Spine Surgery Division, Co-director Post-Graduate WFNS Foundation 


    Training Program:

    • Dr. Mauricio Coelho Neto MD – Director Neuro-oncology Division
    • Dr. Daniel B Almeida MD – Director Gamma-Knife and Pain Division
    • Dr. Sonival C. Hunhevicz MD – Neuro-endoscopy
    • Dr. Erasmo B Silva Jr MD – Neuro-oncology
    • Dr. André G. Leal MD – Vascular Surgery
    • Dr. Gustavo Nogueira MD – Endoscopy, Skull Base Surgery
    • Dr. Lucas Aurich MD, Spine Surgery, Skull Base Surgery


    Equipments and Facilities at the Neurological Institute:

    • INC is a tertiary reference center for Neurosurgery and Neurology with 75 beds, 10 ICU beds, 6 O.R. connected to the main auditorium for live-surgery demonstration and 22 medical offices.
    • Neurosurgical facilities include: 4 surgical microscopes (Pentero, Leica), Intraoperative monitoring, Intraoperative MRI, Ultrasonic Aspiration, Cortical and Sub-cortical stimulation, Stereotactic Equipaments, Intraoperative Hystopathologic Examinations
    • Neuroradiological Department: 2 MRI (3T and 1.5 T), 64 Channel CT, 2 Digital Angiography
    • Gamma-Knife Perfexion
    • Complete Library with all major Neurosurgical and Neurological Journals
    • Auditorium with capacity for 140 persons with video-conferencing facilities, 2 meetings rooms for 30 persons each
    • Experimental and anatomical dissection laboratory connected to the Auditorium
    • Two guest rooms for the international fellows
    • Accredited Medical Residency Programs by the Brazilian Ministry of Education and specialties societies in Neurosurgery, Neurology, Cardiology and Anesthesiology.


    Neurosurgical Department Activities:

    • Daily clinical meetings from 07:30 AM to 08:30 AM (Presentation of clinical cases by the residents, planning of surgical procedures and discussion with the staff).
    • Tuesdays and Thursdays from 08:30 AM to 09:15 AM (Review of scientific articles, Meeting with Radiologists, Neuropathologists, oncologists and Radiotherapists).
    • Wednesdays 08:15 -09:15 AM scientific meeting with associated specialties: ICU, Anesthesia, Neuroradiology, Infectologist.
    • Daily Surgical activities started after the daily clinical meetings: The fellows participated as assistant of all kinds of neurosurgical procedures.
    • Everyday from 05:00 PM: ICU and Wards Round-visit with INC staff.
    • Tuesdays and Thursdays evening 06:00 PM to 07:30 PM scientific meeting
    • Participation of scientific meetings at the Institute (monthly 1 or 2).
    • Activities in the newly renewed laboratory for microsurgical dissection.
    • At the end of the fellowship training presentation of a Review of a specific theme for the Staff. These reviews are submitted for publication in a neurosurgical journal.


    Required documentation:

    • A copy of the passport or the ID card
    • A copy of the diploma in Medicine or a certificate issued by the Faculty of Medicine.
    • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    • The letter(s) of recommendation.
    • A motivation letter


    How to Apply:

    The applicant please fill out the Online Application Form. Only the online application will be accepted.

    August 2022