WFNS at the 76th World Health Assembly, Geneva, May 2023

Walter D Johnson
Professor of Surgery, Neurosurgery, and Global Health
Loma Linda University Schools of Medicine and Public Health
Loma Linda, CA, USA

Six neurosurgeons officially represented the WFNS at the 76th  World Health Assembly (WHA) in Geneva: Drs. Jeff Blount, Roxanna Garcia, Kemel Ghotme, Walt Johnson, Kee Park and Gail Rosseau.

Two resolutions had supporting statements presented by the WFNS on the floor of
Committee A of the WHA. Both resolutions (available here) were passed by the WHA:

1. Resolution 76.2: Integrated emergency, critical and operative care for universal health coverage and protection from health emergencies. This was presented by Dr. Walt Johnson.

2. Resolution 76.19: Accelerating efforts for preventing micronutrient deficiencies and their consequences, including spina bifida and other neural tube defects, through safe and effective food fortification. This was presented by Dr. Kemel Ghotme, Pediatric Neurosurgeon at Fundación Santafé de Bogotá, Colombia. A video of Dr. Ghotme’s presentation is available here.

Resolution 76.19 was spearheaded by Dr. Ghotme and the government of Colombia, as well as the Global Alliance for the Prevention of Spina Bifida F (GAPSBiF). GAPSBiF is a coalition of individuals and organizations united in a passion to prevent spina bifida caused by folate insufficiency, including the G4 Alliance, pediatric neurosurgeons led by Drs. Blount, Ghotme, and Rosseau, and a worldwide team of experts from nutrition and prevention as well as NGOs in other disciplines.

The WFNS is currently working on a resolution for next year’s 77th  WHA regarding the role of surgical care and disaster preparedness. My colleagues and I welcome your input and support.

September 2023