WFNS President Servadei - Neuroendoscopy & Neuroendocrine Committee

WFNS President Servadei - Neuroendoscopy & Neuroendocrine Committee

Mahmood Qureshi & Chandrashekar Deopujari

Franco, as this humble yet pragmatic gentleman prefers to be called, has had an exciting if not tumultuous tenure at the helm of our World Federation. Regarded by many when he first got elected, as new to the established order within the Federation, his tenure revealed a persona, who was very quickly able to learn the ropes of running of this diverse organization, and was able to engage and work with colleagues from across the globe with admirable ease, earning their trust and admiration.

He quickly established a reputation of a President willing and able to touch colleagues of diverse backgrounds and from all the Continents across the globe. Nothing represented this better than his decision to work with the WFNS AC, to entrust the leadership positions of the various Committees of the WFNS, in the hands of colleagues from all member Societies, with a healthy mix of leaders/chairpersons from High-, Middle-, and Low-Income regions, and with a keen focus on gender parity, as he did so.

Speaking on behalf of the Neuroendoscopy and Neuroendocrine Committee of the WFNS, we, as Co-Chairs of the Committee, will remain eternally grateful for his decision to select us, as two individuals from regions not usually considered as strong representatives in the field of Neuroendoscopy. This was a pattern Franco pursued in choosing leadership in various WFNS Committees. The trust he bestowed upon us Co-Chairs of this highly technical Committee was based upon, we believe, his desire to promote and accelerate the sub-specialty of this rapidly developing field to regions where it was not readily available. We, as Co-Chairs, in turn were able to put together a highly reputable and competent Committee membership, which was equally diverse and representative of regions from all the Continental Associations. In effect, we followed Franco’s principle of diversifying the leadership and membership from across all the regions.

We have been overwhelmed by the support that we received from our team of expert Neuroendoscopy specialists, as well as WFNS leadership in the form of Franco himself and his reliable colleague, David Adelson. Equally, we found Franco had ensured that we would collaborate very closely with the WFNS Central Office, with Ms Teresa Chen and Ms Ling Li, ever so willing to take our calls at any time, and answer our urgent emails within a matter of hours. We do not take this collaboration for granted and wish to thank Franco as well as his team of David Adelson, Teresa and Ling for the support that the WFNS Neuroendoscopy Committee has received for various training programs during the two terms that we have been in office.

The support and collaboration have been exemplary, especially during this difficult, and once in a lifetime, challenging period of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The way Franco was able to guide the Federation and all of us in his Team is a remarkable feat in itself. To do so with firmness, encouragement, and to achieve successis indeed a tribute to his genius and exemplary ability to lead.

His commitment to WFNS aims and objectives was visible from an early period as observed in his subspecialty of trauma which has devastated the developing world. His worldview to reduce disparity in education, training, and publishing activity for young neurosurgeons was boosted by the new digital communication activities forced upon us by the pandemic. As a result, education for our next generation of Young Neurosurgeons and Residents in training has received a huge boost. Webinars, supported by Franco’s team at the Central Office, as well as his personal participation in many of them, will undoubtedly be remembered as a source of knowledge and inspiration for years to come.

Finally, from a personal standpoint, we, as Co-Chairs of the Neuroendoscopy Committee, wish to thank Franco immensely, and wish to convey our gratitude to him on behalf of all the Committee members, the Young Neurosurgeons and Trainees, as well as all the multitude of patients who have benefitted as a result of the knowledge gained. Equally, we are grateful for the inspiration Franco has offered our future generation of neurosurgeons in LMIC regions, to be involved in Global Neurosurgery in leadership positions.

THANK YOU, FRANCO! We look forward to continue working with you.

August 2022