WFNS President Servadei - Spine Committee

WFNS President Servadei - Spine Committee

Salman Sharif

Professor Franco Servadei’s contribution to the field of Neurosurgery is one that can never be forgotten. The first Italian to be elected President of the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies, Professor Servadei has time and time again proved to be an indelible force in encouraging the growth and training of young neurosurgeons around the world by facilitating and promoting learning opportunities worldwide.

Prof Servadei has led from the front with confidence, commitment and passion. His inspiration for all WFNS workers and members is unparalleled. He used his innovation and vision to direct WFNS committees’ chairs to work with resilience and integrity. Neurosurgeons worldwide and especially from the underdeveloped world have benefited the most from his courage and humility. Thanks to his unwavering support for training courses, countless young neurosurgeons from around the world have had the opportunity to learn from the best, in the most unprecedented of times – and all from the comfort of their homes.

On behalf of Pakistan Society of Neurosurgeons and other regional societies, we thank and appreciate President Servadei and the amazing WFNS Executive Committee for all the support given to everyone. You are truly a blessing for global Neurosurgery.


August 2022