Editors' Cover Letter

Dear Colleagues –

The primary focus of this issue of the Newsletter is outgoing President Franco Servadei’s tenure of four years leading the WFNS. Commentaries from the Chairs of many of the WFNS Committees, among others, are included.

Although the Newsletter has not been including obituaries on all of our departed colleagues – obituaries appear (if they are received by the WFNS Central Office) on the WFNS website – the beginning of August has been especially difficult in that we have lost three of our most exemplary and dedicated neurosurgical colleagues. Included are obituaries and/or commentaries honoring John Baptist Mukasa in Uganda (who was recognized in The Guardian August 9 with an article/obituary), Souad Bakhti in Algeria (one of the leaders of Women in Neurosurgery), and Tetsuo Kanno (who arguably did more than anyone to improve neurosurgical education throughout Asia and beyond, initially with NUYNA (Neurosurgical Update for Young Neurosurgeons in Asia) and then with ACNS (Asian Congress of Neurological Surgeons)). Without the legacy of these colleagues – and so many others – neurosurgery would not be where it is today.

Following are descriptions of recent past and upcoming webinars:
- WFNS and Pakistan Society of Neurosurgeon Appreciation Webinars (in response to COVID)
- NeuroComplications Learning Series Virtual CME May 29 and September 24
- WFNS Neuroanatomy Committee Webinars June 29-30 and September 14-15
- International Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery (ISPN 2021) November 5-7

It is becoming increasingly clear that the COVID-19 pandemic will have a worldwide effect well into 2022, and that “long COVID” may have even longer-lasting effects. Let us remember that the world is too small to ignore the “pan” in pandemic.

We are all in this pandemic together!

Mohammad Raji Mahmud
Laura Lippa
Angelos Kolias
Roxanna Garcia
Hira Burhan
Russell Andrews
Amro Al-Habib

August 2022