Ethics Committee Report

Ethics Committee Report

Stephen Honeybul & Ahmed Ammar, Co-Chairs


1. WFNS Neurosurgical Complications and Error Committee –December 19, 2020
- Ahmed Ammar “Mild Head trauma- An ethical question!”
2. International Society for Neurosurgical Technology and Instrument inventon (ISNRii)- December 10, 2020
- Ahmed Ammar “The Impact of idea”
- Marike Broekman “Ethics of invention”
3. Cervical Spine Research Society, Europe (CSRS-E) December 5, 2020
- Ahmed Ammar “Health Care challenges are facing LIMIC Ethical perspective”
4. Asian Congress of Neurological Surgeons, November 7, 2020
Ahmed Ammar Chairman of the webinar “Micro neurosurgery, Metacognition & Mentorship” presented by Prof. Anil Nanda
5. Second Congress of Ethics and Neurosurgery –September 25, 2020
Ethics & Neurosurgery: Innovative practice during COVID-19 (Chair: Marike Broekman)
- Tiit Mathiesen “Pitfalls in allocating resources”
- Ahmed Ammar “Telemedicine’
6. Asian Congress of Neurological Surgeons (ACNS) September 16, 2020
- Ahmed Ammar “Ethical dilemmas in Neurosurgery”
7. Global Neurosurgery webinar (WFNS and Rutgers University) September 10-12, 2020
- Ahmed Ammar “Ethical approach to global neurosurgery”

Publications (selected):

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Ethics in Neurosurgery. Cambridge University Press 2020

Ongoing projects:

Book soon to be finished - Traumatic brain injury; Science, practice, evidence and ethics – Springer Nature

Book soon to be started - Learning and Career development in Neurosurgery, surgery and Medicine: The impact of ethics and metacognition – Springer Nature

Curriculum – We are currently working in the development of a curriculum

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