Complications in Neurosurgery Committee Report

Complications in Neurosurgery Committee Report

Keki Turel, Chair

Two highly successful and impressive International Conferences on Complications in Neurosurgery (1st and 2nd ICCN) were conducted in March 2017 and January 2019, respectively. Reflecting on the kind of response obtained at these meetings it became amply clear that Neurosurgeons from across the world, from the very young (including residents-in-training) to the senior-most (even retired professors) regarded this as a breakthrough in Neurosurgery. The atmosphere of transparency and the enthusiasm with which the papers were presented and candidly discussed demonstrated that people were no longer shy to discuss complications and share their learning with colleagues worldwide.

Even after the pandemic shook the world, we continued the activity by way of a unique "web-based platform for Complications in Neurosurgery": This platform will serve both as a repository as well as the forum to discuss issues related to complications experienced by individuals/Divisions/Societies of Neurosurgery. This digital technology helped us hold webinars on complications encountered in various subspecialties of Neurosurgery: viz, Skull base/Cerebro- and Endo-vascular/CSF leaks/TBI, etc. These webinars will continue to attract world leaders to share their experience and wisdom with colleagues in the interest of better patient care.

At the culmination of the 2nd ICCN in 2019, we promised to host the next every-other-year meeting (3rd ICCN) in March 2021. We are happy to announce that we are ready to host the 3rd ICCN, as scheduled, on 5th - 7th March 2021 – this time virtually of course! The program on 5th and 6th March will consist of presentations of complications in individual subspecialities, dedicating approximately 1 hour to each. During that hour there will be a 15 minute keynote address emphasizing avoidance/anticipation/management of complications by a senior Neurosurgeon who has made a special contribution in that subspecialty. This will be followed by 5 min presentations by 5-6 speakers, followed by discussion (15 min) at the end of the session. Each subspecialty session will be controlled by a Moderator and supported by 2 Panelists. The program on 7th March is specially dedicated to Young Neurosurgeons. This will consist of 3 segments of 2 hours each: (1) WFNS Neuroanatomy Committee Session, (2) WFNS Educational Committee Session, (3) presentations by Young Neurosurgeons.

To view the Tentative Schedule, click on the link:
This is my personal invitation to you to actively participate in this conference. The format will remain unchanged from previous events and will discuss Complications in various subspecialties of our vast field. Kindly send the titles of complications you wish to present:

1 The Complication must be experienced by you or by a member of your team.
2 The Presentation time will be 5 minutes. Discussion will occur at the end of the session during specific time allocated for the discussion.
3 The Objective is to project the lessons learnt from a particular case or cases to share them with our International colleagues and receiving critiques/opinions/suggestions.

This will make an ideal forum for education for Neurosurgeons of all genres, the ones benefiting the most being Young Neurosurgeons and senior residents.

Wishing you continued good health and a New Year of hope, peace, progress and prosperity!


September 2023