ACNS-YNS World Congress of Young Neurosurgeons, Surabaya, Indonesia, Jul 29 - Aug 1

2nd ACNS-YNS World Congress “Neurosurgery: the Next Generation”

Asra Al Fauzi, MD, PhD, FICS, FACS, IFAANS

     The 2nd World Congress of Young Neurosurgeons (ACNS-YNS) was held from July 28th to August 1st in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. The workshops and conference were held in several venues: the Airlangga Surgical Anatomy Development Center (ASAD-C) and the ASEEC Tower, Universitas Airlangga and Dr. Soetomo General Academic Hospital. This event was an embodiment of our commitment to “Neurosurgery: the Next Generation.”
     The inaugural day, July 28th, commenced with an insightful Masterclass Glioma Lecture. We were privileged to have international luminaries like Prof. Takashi Maruyama (Japan) and Prof.
Mitchel Berger (USA) share their expertise with 30 enthusiastic participants.
     On the subsequent day, July 29th, the Congress was marked by concurrent workshops:
Cadaveric Hands-On Workshop, led by esteemed national speakers and enriched by the insights of Prof. Onur Yaman from Turkey, attended by 28 participants.
Live Surgery as part of the Glioma Masterclass. National and international expertise merged as Profs. Maruyama and Berger joined with local speakers to enlighten 30 attendees.
Neurotrauma and Neurointensive Care Workshop, with Profs. Franco Servadei (Italy), Tariq Khan (Pakistan), and Russell Andrews (USA), addressing 45 participants.
Microvascular Anastomosis Workshop. Local experts partnered with Prof. Bin Xu (China), fostering knowledge for 20 participants.
     On July 30th there were four simultaneous workshops:
     Hands-on Workshop Microscopic vs Endoscopic for Skull Base. National speakers and
Profs. Takeo Goto (Japan) and Chandrashekar Deopujari (India) addressed 20 participants.
     Stereotactic Brain Lesioning Workshop and Live Surgery, orchestrated by national
speakers and enriched by Prof. Takaomi Taira (Japan) for 20 participants.
     Interventional Stroke Workshop at AMEC. National speakers, along with Profs. Shinichi
Yoshimura (Japan) and Bin Xu (China), illuminated the field for 30 participants.
     The Congress was held for two days, July 31st  and August 1st. The Opening Speech,
delivered by Dr. Asra Al Fauzi, President of the 2nd ACNS-YNS World Congress, and  represented by Dr. Hanifah Erlin, Dean of Faculty of Medicine Universitas Airlangga, along with
Prof. Yoko Kato, President of ACNS (who presented virtually present from Japan), set the tone for neurosurgeons from around the world who united to learn, exchange insights, and evolve.
     The Congress unfolded with Plenary Lectures and a Satellite Symposium featuring 55 national faculties and 30 international faculties representing countries including Brazil, Canada,
China, India, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Myanmar, Pakistan, Thailand, Turkey, and the USA. The gathering comprised 243 participants who engaged in discussions and presentations.
     The event included an Oral Presentation competition featuring 29 abstracts. The 2nd ACNS- YNS World Congress free paper winners included Dr. Steven Tendean, MD, Universitas
Sumatera Utara, Medan, North Sumatera, Indonesia who won the first position. The second and third positions were secured by Dr. Peter Adidharma, MD, National Brain Center Hospital Prof.
Dr. Mahar Mardjono, Jakarta, Indonesia, and Dr. Ng Chat Fong, MD, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Hong Kong, respectively. Asra Al Fauzi, MD, PhD, extended well-deserved honors.
     In closing remarks, the Congress President expressed heartfelt gratitude to the diligent committee members who were pivotal in the event's success. As the curtains drew on this edition, we all anticipate the 3rd ACNS-YNS World Congress, slated to convene in Sofia, Bulgaria.

December 2023