Dear Colleagues

Dear Colleagues –

This issue of the WFNS Newsletter begins with several items documenting WFNS activities:
- Walter Johnson notes the WFNS continues its relationship with the World Health Organization (WHO) as an official non-State actor from 2023 through 2025.
- Roxanna Garcia describes the continuing relationship of Neurosurgery with the World Health
Assembly (WHA – the decision-making body of the WHO – with a focus on global folic acid fortification to prevent spina bifida-folate.

Following this is an update from Olekasandr Voznyak – President of the Ukrainian Association of Neurosurgeons (UAN) – regarding the invasion of his country in February 2022. His previous report appeared in the April 2022 WFNS Newsletter. FYI – the UAN held their first meeting since the invasion March 13 – 15 in Bukovel, a ski resort in the Carpathian
Mountains of western Ukraine. They anticipate another meeting in Lviv in early September
that warrants our participation (you will be glad you did!).

The next item is an announcement regarding the FIENS Bassett Fellowship – the spring cycle deadline being May 1.

Following is a description of a very cost-effective Electronic Medical Record (EMR) developed by a team headed by Sudipta Kumer Mukherjee in Dhaka Bangladesh.

This issue includes a report on a recent WFNS-sponsored meeting – the WFNS Central China Neurooncology Meeting held February 25.

Upcoming WFNS-sponsored conferences/courses include:
- April 4 – 7 Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia: International Conference on Recent Adances in Neurotraumatology (ICRAN 2023)
- July 7 – August 1 Surabaya, Indonesia: 2nd World Congress of Young Neurosurgeons
- October 30 – November 3 Belgrade, Serbia: Serbian Neurosurgical Society Annual Meeting and Centennial Anniversary of Serbian Neurosurgery
- December 4 – 8 Cape Town, South Africa: 18th World Congress of Neurosurgery
(WFNS 2023)

We welcome your input – the WFNS Newsletter is your means of communicating!

Mohammad Raji Mahmud
Laura Lippa
Angelos Kolias
Roxanna Garcia
Hira Burhan
Russell Andrews
Amro Al-Habib

December 2023