NeuroComplications Learning Series Virtual CME May 29 & Sep 24

NeuroComplications Learning Series Virtual CME May 29 & Sep 24

Keki Turel

The Virtual CME Platform on ‘Complications in Neurosurgery’ termed as NeuroComplications (, was launched globally on 29th May 2020 by Prof Dr Franco Servadei, President, WFNS. Being a learning platform for the Neurosurgical Fraternity, registration is free but mandatory. Members are welcome to create their profile by clicking on the Register Icon on the website.

With specific focus on Complications in Neurosurgery, it has three important functionalities, viz:

  1. Well-archived "Repository of Scientific Data/ Case Studies" as a quick referral for the Neurosurgical fraternity, globally. Registered users can interact with the presenter on a one-to-one basis, or they can also post queries and case studies inviting comments on the general wall.
  2. Webinars for regular live interaction amongst Neurosurgeons/Societies across the world.
  3. Virtual Learning Module for academic Institutes to conduct short CMEs on-line, independently. (Expected to be functional soon)

We will soon be launching a monthly newsletter "Tale of Three Stories" where members are invited to publish short stories (not exceeding 300 words) on related subjects including philosophy, medico-legal issues, etc. It will also have information on important events happening around the world.

As a part of our on-going activity, we introduced a Virtual Learning Series in the form of 2- monthly, theme-based webinars. We welcome and invite eminent speakers and panelists, sharing their real-life experiences and wisdom in discussing complications and learnings therefrom. This has evoked enthusiastic response, especially from young Neurosurgeons who get an opportunity to listen to, interact with, and consequently learn from senior colleagues worldwide on one single platform.

We have so far held 6 webinars. These are archived on NeuroComplications Platform for posterity, including all the ICCNs (held in 2017, 2019 and 2021). They can be accessed anytime, 24/7 by the registered members.

Our upcoming event NeuroComplications Learning Series Virtual CME: Chapter # 7: Major Complications with Minor Surgeries - Lessons Learnt! - (3rd Edition) will be held on Friday, 24th Sept 2021 at 17.00 Hrs INDIA (07.30 EST/ 11.30 GMT/ 13.30 CET). Members are invited to actively participate in this virtual event. Though this will specially accommodate papers related to Vascular, Skull Base, Neurooncology, Spine, Peripheral Nerves and Radiosurgery, we are open to receiving papers from all aspects of Neurosurgery. Interested members can contact us: or

Thank you!


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