WFNS President Servadei - Neurotraumatology Committee

WFNS President Servadei - Neurotraumatology Committee

Peter Hutchinson & Tariq Khan

Peter Hutchinson:
It is with great gratitude to the editors of the WFNS Newsletter that we have the opportunity to reflect on the magnificent contribution that Professor Franco Servadei has made to Neurosurgery both before and during his tenure as President of the WFNS.

I have known Franco for 25 years and we have fostered many research collaborations and developed a friendship through his visits to the UK, my visits to Italy and many other locations globally. We have worked together on several projects related to traumatic brain injury including decompressive craniectomy. Most recently has been our collaboration between the WFNS and NIHR Global Health Research Group on Neurotrauma, highlighting the importance of head and spine injury in low and middle income countries. This was a major target for his Presidency of the WFNS. We have made good progress and I look forward to continuing to work with Franco as Visiting Professor at Humanitas University. I personally thank Franco for this opportunity.

His leadership of the WFNS has been immense and he demits office leaving it in a very strong position. Thank you, Franco, for everything you have done for your colleagues, for research and most importantly for patients in Italy and globally.

Tariq Khan:
The era of Professor Franco Servedai brought Neurotrauma into its proper focus in the WFNS. This was more so especially in the lower and middle income countries.

Prof Servadai did his best to attend as many Neurotrauma events as was possible.

He helped the Neurotrauma Committee in taking a number of initiatives to improve Neurotrauma care.

The Neurotrauma Committee started collaboration with ThinkFirst International after discussion with Franco. This resulted in improving public awareness in the prevention of brain and spine injuries.

He was also instrumental in helping to ink an accord with Global Neuro so that joint initiatives can be carried for Neurotrauma seminars and courses.

December 2023