WFNS President Servadei - Young Neurosurgeons Forum

WFNS President Servadei - Young Neurosurgeons Forum

Angelos Kolias, Ignatius Esene
Kerry Vaughan, Faith Robertson, Amro Al-Habib


Simply thank you for achieving what you promised to do!

While leaders tend to give many promises during election campaigns, only a few of these are fulfilled during the time of their leadership. However, Professor Servadei spared no time in achieving what he promised to do. He travelled widely before the start and during his tenure to make the WFNS a truly "WORLD” society. He engaged with Neurosurgeons around the globe and always tried to include “everyone". He recognized the importance of providing Neurosurgical care to all those who need it and became a leading light of the Global Neurosurgery movement. He emphasized time and time again that guidelines devised for high-income settings should be aspirational for low-resourced settings but solutions for the healthcare needs of the populations in low- and middle-income countries are needed now. He supported the development of guidelines, specific to the needs of low- and middle-income countries.

One of his famous quotes is: "The future of Neurosurgery is in the hands of Young Neurosurgeons". True to his word, he gave special attention to the needs of Young Neurosurgeons globally, aiming to improve their training, education, and research opportunities. He supported numerous surveys of our committee, which have shaped its strategy since 2019. He encouraged us to start a program of webinars long before this became a necessity due to the pandemic. Additionally, when the pandemic occurred, he played a key role in navigating the consequent challenges in care delivery by encouraging the sharing of international data, practices, and opinions to perform safe surgery during this trying time.

Importantly, as President, he has been the type of leader who is very close to the people given tasks and responsibilities. He has always been available for any clarifications needed or further discussions. He is a leader that will certainly live in our hearts and minds.


December 2023